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  • 20.05.2018

Departure at 6.00 am in front of the ASEM, Bloque A


Glodeni District is a district (Moldovan: raion) in northwestern Moldova, with its administrative center at Glodeni, its population Is 60 400 ( Glodeni – 11 800). The district consists of 35 localities, 18 communes, 16 villages and one city. In 1673, a district center was documented as Glodeni.


The district has fauna typical of Central Europe, including fox, weasel, marten, deer, woodpecker, turtle dove and pheasant in forests and boar, otter, duck, wild cat, egret near the Prut. gopher, field mice, rabbits and partridges inhabit the steppe regions.


Forests occupy 8.5 percent of the district, and consist of oak, acacia, poplar, ash, maple, elm and hazel. Undergrowth includes blackthorn and blackberry. Steppe and forest steppe vegetation includes grasses, clover and wormwood.

The popularity of the district comes from natural pearls located in the territory: Coralier Reef, Butesti Gorges, The Monument of the nature of the “Hundred hills “, Natural Reserve scientific ” Princely Forest„…

    The Pădurea Domnească Nature Reserve“Princely Forest”  is located in the mid-Prut Valley area, extending 40 kilometres (25 mi) between Criva and Pruteni. A forest under state protection since 1993, it is one of the most valuable meadows and old floodplain forests in Europe. The reserve covers an area of 6,039 hectares (14,920 acres), of which 3,054 hectares (7,550 acres) is forested. In the reserve are gorges, caves and waterfalls; a deposit of fossilized coral; over 3,500 prehistoric mounds of unknown origin; a 120 hectares (300 acres) prehistoric lake bed with trees reaching heights of 30–35 metres (98–115 ft) and a colony of over 1,000 herons which nest in the oaks. It is the oldest forest in the area and one of the oldest wetland forests in Europe. The forest contains many different forms of vegetation, including oak, poplar and willow trees. Here can be found many different rare species of plants like wild grape vines, tulips, white snow drops and violets. Plentiful and rare forms of fauna have also survived within the borders of the reservation including deer, otters, wild fish, forest and mountain minks, weasels, turtles, spoonbills, egrets and swans.

    The Prut River.

Named by Ptolomeu –Gerasus, an ancient Greek of Pyretus, it is the second longest river in Moldova. It begins from natural springs in the Carphatians near the base of the Hoverla at an altitude of 1600 meters and flows down into the Danube near the village of Giurgiulesti. From its total length of 976 km, 695 km flown alongside the Republic of Moldova.

In this segment, the river winds greatly and flow strongly and rapidly, passing through cliffs of petrified coral reef left from prehistoric times. The massive limestone through which the Prut cuts its way is intersected by river valleys which form deep canyons with dimensions of 150 – 180 meters.

    The Coral Belt.

They were formed over 2 million years ago in which this now fossilized barrier had much the same appearance as The Great Barrier Reef near Australia.

This coral reef has great importance in the history of the development of Bassarabians. There is evidence of the remains of Neolithic, antique, and medieval cultures in grottos Buteshti, Duruiutoarea..

    A hundred hills

Is a piece of land along the Prut river with an area of over 1600 hectares, covered by more than 3500 hillsof different sizes and shapes with heights of over 30 meters and lengths from 10 to 100 meters. The range of hills is spread over a distance of more than 8 km in length and varying between 1.7 and 2.3 km in width, parallel to the banks of the Prut. The territory between these hills is complete with 10 picturesque lakes and a spring of crystal water. In general the territory looks like a lunar landscape covered with rich field – like vegetation. The origin of these hills is wrapped in mystery and enigmas. People say that the hills appeared like a necropolis for the leaders of ancient tribes.

    La Fontal

Is situated near the village of Cobani. It is a holy place with an area of 23 hectares, situated in the wetlands of the Prut River in the Princely Forest. When the Prut River would overflow and flood the wetlands, the lake would fill with water. The lake is still filled by a few natural springs and as is rare in Moldova, the water contains a high amount of minerals.

    Old – Century Oaks.

The old – century oaks are located within the territory of the Princely Forest near the village of Moara Domneasca. It represents a few lots of land with an area of 108 hectares with century old oak trees which are 200 to 250 years old, and some of which reach recorded heights of 30 – 35 meters.

    The Country of bisons.

Through interstate partnership between Republic of Moldova and Poland Republic in 2005 a decision was made to reintroduce the bison in Republic of Moldova. As result on 19 August 2005 in the reservation “Padurea Domneasca” 3 bison’s (1 male and 2 females) were brought from 2 reservations of Poland. The European bison is a very large species of bovines  which is  massive and heavy as is typical for this group. The shoulder height of an adult male reaches 185 cm, sometimes 2 meters, with a body weight of 400 – 920, and sometimes up to 1.200 kg

    The Country of herons (not very big – about 1 hectare)  – there  are 3 types of herons – grey heron, egret and black-crowned night heron.

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